Do what moves your heart: Jason and Ashley Campbell

By February 9, 2016Bike

Post by: Jason Campbell, Swiftwick athlete.

When it comes to sports, Ashley and I are nearly polar opposites. Ashley is a runner and really enjoys the half marathon, 10k, and 5k formats. I, on the other hand, compete exclusively in mountain biking events. But there are a few areas where our training and passion intersect.

Once a year, our individual competitive spirits come together to compete in a multi-sport event known as the Jail-Break Triathlon. For us, this is just the right amount of competition and fun: 3.5 miles canoeing, 9 mi MTB, and a 2.5 mi trail run. We do this as a team relay where we canoe together, I bike, and she runs. In fact, last year we completed the race just a few weeks after our wedding. What better test of our vows, right?

Well, we’re still married, still competing, and loving every minute of our life together. For the most part, we tend to serve as each other’s motivator, cheerleader and support crew/photographer for most of our individual events.

We are both working professionals, and sometimes it can be hard to find time to train, compete and maintain a household.  I often joke with Ashley, a registered nurse, “Babe, I married you so that you could bandage me up when I wreck my bike!” It’s always a nice surprise for her when I finish a race clean, and she can leave the first aid kit in the car.

Her relentless support and love is what keeps me motivated in the toughest parts of my races, and when I know that she’s waiting for me at the finish line, I am able to find a little extra motivation to turn those pedals over. Our love for each other is deeply rooted in our love to be active, outdoors and seeking adventure. We are so blessed to be able to build our lives around healthy choices and a passion to become Swifter together.