Finding teamwork in cycling: advice from UHC Pro Cycling

By May 21, 2015Bike

Post by Cari Higgins, Women’s UnitedHealthcare Pro Cyclist

UnitedHealthcare Women’s Pro Cycling team

“In cycling, true teamwork is hard to find. Something happens to the mentality of an athlete when they start listing your name with a ranking next to it. Some athletes spend years chasing individual results with the goal of being recruited to one of the top teams, only to find out they don’t know how to work as a team member.

As an athlete who grew up playing only traditional American team sports, the transition to cycling wasn’t natural in the terms of “team.”

Teammates Cari Higgins and Alexis Ryan

As a Division I soccer player, I was always the teammate with accolades like “most assists” or “team captain.” In my four-year University of Alabama career, I think I only scored a couple of goals. Frankly, I can’t remember, as it wasn’t important. It wasn’t my role. My role was helping the other girls by passing, defending and controlling. At the end of the game, the team either received a “W” or an “L,” and it didn’t list out individual names who earned the “W” or “L.”

The UnitedHealthcare Professional Women’s Cycling Team is a standout exception when it comes to teamwork. We’ve earned the #UHCBlueTrain nickname as we are often found riding as a solid unit, sacrificing our individual results to see one of our teammates on the top of the podium. It’s always a team win. Each athlete, whether they are listed as 1st place or 58th place in the final results, deserves to feel the excitement and pride of the win.

This feeling of knowing the puzzle wouldn’t be complete without your piece is more gratifying then any individual result. It’s about having a specific job and loving that role. It’s my hope always to find that kind of teamwork in life… with family, relationships, community and career.”

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