Laura Brown of UHC Pro Cycling wins bronze for Canada at Rio 2016

By August 25, 2016Bike

The UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team’s Laura Brown returned to Canada with a bronze medal around her neck after a successful trip to Rio 2016. 

The 29-year-old Alberta native formed part of the four person women’s pursuit team that progressed through the early rounds with ease to make the bronze medal race. Brown came to the 2016 summer Olympic Games with the experience of London 2012 behind her. That experience definitely helped on the big stage. “The Rio 2016 Olympic Games were an exhilarating and momentous experience for me. These were my second Olympics, my first being in London 2012, and I was absolutely honoured to be representing Canada at the Olympic Games for a second time around.”

Going into Rio, Brown’s Canadian team was ranked inside the top three in the world- a huge achievement considering the level of talent on show. In addition, the pressure of being medal contenders added to an already tense race on the Velodrome in Brazil. 

Brown recounts the process of riding through the opening rounds in Rio, “My incredible teammates and I had ambitions to come home with a medal. There are three rounds of team pursuit competition at the Olympics, and I lined up and raced in a preliminary round, which qualified our team for the medal finals.”

The Canadian team faced off against New Zealand for the bronze medal. The race was close from the start, but the Canuck women eked out a clear advantage by the end of the 4,000-meter event. Third place in the world was validation of the effort that Brown put into racing on the track this year. The Canadian will return to racing both on the track and the road with the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team later in the season.