No time to be sick? Try Biking!

By November 3, 2016Bike

Better weather, though beautiful, is often accompanied with sniffles and sick days. As the summer fades away, coughs and colds become more frequent. There are many usual ways to combat sickness such as sleep, hand washing and eating a healthy diet, but did you know biking regularly can boost your immune system?

A study of Dutch employees found that bike commuters took far fewer sick days than coworkers who drove to work. The study showed the more often an employee rode a bike, the less often he or she was sick. A similar study from Commuting and Health in Cambridge concluded that bicycle commuters called in sick less often and reported better mental health than other coworkers.

A boost in your immune system is just one of the many benefits of riding a bike. If you have been looking for motivation to pick up cycling, use the data from these studies as motivation to get active.

Written by: Jade Spilka