Pope Francis takes to two wheels

By September 24, 2015Bike
The Archbishop received the bike on behalf of Pope Francis yesterday.

Riding a bike just got even cooler. Keep your eyes peeled for the pope on two wheels; he could be spotted riding around the Vatican! The pope is visiting the United States for the first time this week, and he will be given a custom Breezer bike when he arrives in Philadelphia, also know as the City of Brotherly Love, this weekend.

The bike is a Breezer Downtown 8 with a custom paint job and chain guard.

The bike features graphics by Amanda Dirksen Catanzaro, head of ASI’s graphic design team. Catanzaro started with a clean, “papal white” frame and added elements to honor the Pope, including his name in his native Spanish language, Papa Francisco, on the top tube. She chose the Pope’s crest for the head badge, fabricated in brass by Toronto-based artists Carl & Rose.

Other symbols she placed on the bike include a Cross, a Holy Candle, a Peace Dove, and the colors of the Swiss Guard. As a tribute to Philadelphia, Catanzaro placed a Liberty Bell and a “PHL Made” logo on the seat tube.

One of the most distinguishing details is the chain guard. Custom designed and fabricated by Carl & Rose, the metal chain guard takes the shape of an angel’s wing.

You can even buy a bike just like the pope’s! Of course it won’t say “Pope Francis” on it, but it’ll be pretty close!

Hmmm, I’m thinking Pope Francis needs some Swiftwicks to complement his new ride. I could see him in some white PERFORMANCE TWELVEs. They would match his robes!

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