Road Cycling vs Mountain Biking

By September 16, 2016Bike

Whether your preference is Mountain biking or road riding, both are great forms of exercise. If you search the internet, you’ll find a copious amount of opinions on multiple bike forums debating which type of cycling is superior- which can be a little overwhelming at times.  We decided to simplify it a little for you and find the top five reasons to mountain bike and road ride. We recommend you try both before you make up your mind!

5 Reasons to Mountain Bike

  1. Mountain biking requires the use of more muscle groups than road riding does. This allows for a more dynamic workout.
  2. Mountain bikes are less expensive than road bikes.
  3. You will be exercising in an oxygen rich environment as opposed to a highly polluted road. According to, some studies reveal an increase in cardiovascular disease among people who exercise in highly polluted environments.
  4. Mountain biking feels more like an adventure and less like an organized fitness regimen.
  5. Mountain biking usually allows for a shaded, quiet ride. Unless you live in a secluded area with rarely-used roads, you probably share the road with several cars. Mountain biking eliminates this possibly harmful, loud distraction.
  • 5 Reasons to Ride on the Road
  1. Road riding is predictable and allows you to focus on your form.
  2. If you love spin class, road riding is the most similar to spinning.
  3. Obstacles on the road are easier to avoid than obstacles you encounter when mountain biking.
  4. Roads are stable while mountain biking is full of instability. Mountain biking has terrain that often causes a feeling of sliding around on loose dirt. However, roads are often well-paved.
  5. You don’t have roots, rocks, trees and other obstacles in your way. There is less of an opportunity for a crash.

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  • Robert says:

    Ride it all. Pavement, single track, gravel. Why limit yourself?

  • NotFred says:

    Two other points:
    1) You can take off for a road ride from…anywhere, really. While you generally have to drive to a trailhead for mountain biking. (+1 for the road)
    2) You typically don\’t encounter road ragers in the woods, while drivers can be unpredictable (+1 for the trails)

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