Should Cyclists Stretch to Avoid Injury?

By September 14, 2016Bike

Many have asked if cyclists should stretch to prevent injury which leads to plenty of studies that address this and even personal blogs that chime in. So, with the abundance of information it’s always good to keep your research strong.

Cycling Weekly recently posted an article asking if cyclists should stretch to prevent injury?

The article dives into some depth:

You might argue that a mild, short-term loss of strength is no major concern because you stretch primarily to prevent injury, rather than for performance reasons. However, here too, there is little evidence in support: in the aforementioned review, only two of the eight studies on total injury rates reported a benefit from stretching. There is also scant evidence that stretching helps prevent post-exercise muscle soreness.

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  • Wayne says:

    If you do not practice doing yoga, you should. Yoga helps me in so many different ways: flexibility, strength, balance, focus, improved breathing…..everything we need to minimize injuries and improve our cycling. I am 78 and have been doing yoga for the past 12 years. I only wish I had started doing yoga and eating healthy (WFPB) in my younger years but I am doing everything I can to avoid getting old in my body and mind. Take good care of yourself and keep pedaling as long as you have breath.

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