Swiftwick chases adventure at the 2016 Red Bull Rampage

By October 21, 2016Bike
Swiftwick team member Ashley Robinson hiking at Zion National Park

Several members of Team Swiftwick embarked on a dream adventure as they traveled to Virgin, Utah, for the Red Bull Rampage on a beautiful fall weekend. Swiftwick has provided the official sock of the Rampage for two years in a row, and it is an honor to support an event that encompasses our core culture as well as elevates our brand to better benefit our partners. When you’re that close to the stunning Zion National Park how can you say no?

The trip started off with a picturesque hike on the Watchman trail.

Swiftwick President Chuck Smith conquering the Watchman trail in Zion National Park Swiftwick team member Amy Markovich enjoying the views at Zion National Park

The trail gave off some of the most scenic views. With the low lighting and sharp colors, it left memories that would last in your mind forever. The bonding time with fellow teammates just added to the overall experience.

The next morning would be the start of one of the most challenging free ride mountain bike events in the world. Only the best compete, and the moments you’d capture were sure not to be replicated.

But getting to the course was half the battle for the spectators. The course was nestled back 2 miles and some change. It made the trek totally worth it once the riders started taking their rounds. It’s hard to put into words the courage and energy that is throughout Red Bull Rampage.  Some of the most memorable moments didn’t happen on the course. They happened when kids would ambush the riders after their ride to ask for an autograph. It was in those moments you’re reminded of the passion that gets us all going every day in this crazy and undeniable industry.

2016 Red Bull Rampage winner Brandon Semenuk. Photo by Amy Markovich

Perhaps Swiftwick’s president Chuck Smith put it in words best:

The response of kids to these guys as sports heroes was inspiring.  Nice to see non-traditional athletes get that type of admiration, and nice to see the athletes respond and give time back to the kids. 

Spending time with a larger tribe of folks who are into the same thing is always like finding a “homeplace.”  Seeing the number of people who are into freeride mountain biking – folks and families of all sorts – come out and trudge up the road and spend a day in the sun was cool. 

It’s in those moments you learn what Chase Adventure™ can mean to you.