Swiftwick team member embraces Bike to Work Week every week

By May 16, 2016Bike

For Swiftwick team member Amy Markovich, Bike to Work Day could be any normal work day. Amy embraces the culture at Swiftwick by taking advantage of any opportunity to chase adventure, and hopping on her road bike for a commute to work falls under that category. 

Why does Amy choose two wheels over four? In honor of Bike to Work Week this week and Bike to Work Day this Friday, we sat down and talked with Amy about her commute.

How long is your commute to work?

Amy: Roughly 15 miles one way (with two huge hills). That puts me at around 30 miles round-trip.

Tell us about your bike.

Amy: I ride a 2015 Salsa Colossal Ti road bike. I love the setup as it allows me to go on bike packing trips while it’s not afraid to go off road if needed . The Schwable One 28mm tires roll so smooth and fast!

What safety precautions do you take to assure a seamless ride?

Amy: I always ALWAYS wear a helmet! I also have blinking lights to assure motorists see me night and day. Also I ALWAYS follow the rules of the road and give way to motorists. I am very cautious since not everyone in our town is biker-friendly. I also ride early in the morning and leave before rush hour traffic so I’m not sucking fumes and dodging cars.

What is your favorite part of your ride to work?

Amy: The peace and quiet on the back roads, seeing wildlife out enjoying their morning or evening romps through the woods. I love seeing how the big hills will push and test me each day while gaining fitness to conquer them over and over. Some days the hills win, some days I win. I always notice something different each ride to work, even if I’ve driven the route hundreds of times. I’m always looking around and just enjoying being outside and taking it all in.

How will YOU participate in Bike to Work week?

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  • Kevin Ware says:

    Same here it\’s an everyday thing for me as well 16 miles one way ..then when this week rolls along I lead newbies to understand they too can do it

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