The first ever biking tour across Antarctica is here

By October 21, 2015Bike
Credit: Fatbike Geilo

Biking on every continent sounds so much cooler than biking on almost every continent. TDA Global Cycling agrees. They are now offering the first ever commercial biking tour across the great white desert- better known as Antarctica.

The tour is named “The Last Degree,” and if that isn’t intimidating enough, TDA has named it as its most challenging tour ever. Participants will cycle over 68 miles from the 89th parallel to the most southerly point on Earth over a period of 18 days.

The first ever group fat bike expedition to the South Pole will take place in December of 2016. Before you impulsively jump on board, keep in mind the tour will cost you a whopping $70,000.

Who’s in?! Visit TDA’s website for more information.

Article originally found on the New York Times.