The 9 most incredible bike paths in the world

By August 13, 2015Bike

Needing a change of scenery? Ready to travel the world? All you need is your bike to explore these breathtaking trails. Okay, and maybe a plane ticket or two. These trails are a “must do” for your biking bucket list.

1. The Shimanami Kaido Bikeway (40 miles, Japan)

Source: FullyFunctnPhil/Flickr

The Shimanami Kaido is an expressway that connects Japan’s main island, Honshu, to Shikoku and six other smaller islands. However, the scenic bike path can be traveled in one day. 

The Seto Inland Sea National Park provides both breathtaking and peaceful views as cyclists cover the 40-mile route, which features various stops along the way, including 14 different bike rental terminals, lodges, campsites and even bus stops for the tired traveler. 

2) Carretera Austral (770 miles, Chile)


Source: Daniel Peppes Gauer/Flickr

The Carretera Austral might just be one of the most challenging yet scenic bike paths in the world. Spanning 770 miles from the northern region of rural Chilean Patagonia to the village of Villa O’Higgins in the south, this route has it all for the wide-eyed bicyclist: free campsites, hot springs, glaciers, forests and vast dirt roads as far as the eye can see. 

3) South Downs Way (100 miles, England)

Source: Gareth Williams/Flickr

Don’t let the views of calm pastures and lush green hillsides fool you. The South Downs Way is a tough trail that takes even experienced off-road cyclists two or three days to complete. However, the reward is worth it. Views of the Hampshire countryside and cliffs along the Beachy Head will leave you just as breathless as the trail itself.

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