The weirdest jobs in cycling

By July 28, 2015Bike

We’ve all heard that you should do what you love, and we totally agree! Unfortunately for us bike enthusiasts, it’s not possible for us all to have careers as professional cyclists. If biking’s your passion but you’re stuck in a desk job, we’ve got good news for you!  Check out these weird but bike-related jobs.

1. Zipcar’s Fleet Techs

Zipcar Fleet Techs

Photo courtesy of Zipcar

The ride-sharing service Zipcar employs a team of Fleet Techs to handle daily maintenance of their cars, year-round. These Fleet Techs travel from station to station by bike! Because Fleet Techs move between Zipcar stations on bicycles, it’s easy for them to stash their bikes in the back of a Zipcar and drive the car in for further maintenance or to a new location.

2. Biking Billboards

Photo courtesy of Biking Billboards

Biking Billboards is a Seattle-based advertising agency that puts “mini-billboards” on the back of bikes, and they are looking for brand ambassadors! A brand ambassador for Biking Billboards helps the company reach more customers’ eyes by simply riding! 

3. Traveling Gin Salesman

Photo courtesy of Traveling Gin Co.

Biking and booze, what could be better? SELLING booze while biking, that is. The Traveling Gin Co. is a cocktail pop-up store that is operated from the owners’ bikes!

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