The world’s longest bike: nearly half a city block long

By November 11, 2015Bike


If you thought your morning bike commute was a lot to handle, imagine cruising through traffic with a 117-foot bike. Admittedly, when a few members of Dutch cycling organization Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg decided to build the world’s longest bike, they probably weren’t thinking about the practical implications. They were, however, thinking about the fame and glory that comes with a cycling-related Guinness World Record. 

The world’s longest bike of 2016 needs two operators—one in front to steer, and one in back to pedal—and is built with stadium lighting-style aluminum trusses to help it avoid sagging (sadly, there isn’t a carbon fiber model available). It measures in at just over 117 feet while still meeting the requirements for the record: being operable and having only two wheels. It will get a spot in Guinness’ already-printed 2016 record book, but sadly won’t make it into the 2017 version: A group in Australia has already usurped it by building a nearly 136-foot bike. 

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