Thoughts that go through your head while biking in New York

By August 19, 2015Bike

With the expansion of the Citi Bike program and an increasing amount of dedicated bike lines, biking in NYC is more popular than ever. If you are one of the brave souls who bikes in New York, you can probably relate to these thoughts.

1. “This breeze feels so amazing on my face. I made my own beach just like that Corona ad told me to.”

2. “I am moving so fast, right now. Why do I walk so much? That’s dumb.”

3. “Must stay vigilant for sudden obstacles in all directions. Even from above. The city wants me to fail.”

4. “Wow, New York City streets are in really poor condition. Also, I’m getting such a good workout right now.”

5. “Get your car out of the bike lane! This is my lane. I own this lane.”

6. “Oh god, I’m on an avenue without a designated bike lane. I didn’t tell my boyfriend I loved him this morning.”

7. “Woah, Brooklyn kind of has hills. Who knew?”

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