Utah’s top mountain biking trails

By December 29, 2015Bike

Mountain biking in Utah is a crazy fun adventure equipped with crazy incredible views. Check out some of the top rated trails for advanced, intermediate and beginner riders.

The Whole Enchilada

Photo: Nicholas Ontiveros / flickr.com

Location: Moab
Distance: 26 miles
Elevation: 583 feet

The Whole Enchilada is a technically diverse and extremely fun trail. Riders say there is nothing like it, and many even say it’s the best trail they’ve ever ridden. Starting in the high alpine and ending in the desert, be prepared for some incredible views. This trail really has it all! Come prepared with food and water- this trail can take five hours or more to ride.

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Wasatch Crest

Photo: crosby_cj / flickr.com

Location: Salt Lake City
Distance: 20 miles
Elevation: 9,686 feet

Wasatch Crest Trail is a must-ride in Salt Lake. This trail features incredible views, a legendary climb, great flow and a long, fun downhill to finish the ride. In addition, you can take a shuttle to the top for only $12. There is a whole network of trails so you can customize your ride to your liking.

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Bearclaw Poppy

Photo: Gary Colet / flickr.com

Location: St. George
Difficulty: Beginner
Distance: 11 miles
Elevation: 2,568 feet

Bearclaw Poppy is an easier trail known for its “roller coaster” fun and non-technical terrain. This is a great trail for families, beginners or anyone looking for a fun ride. Many riders have described this trail as a “roller coaster” because of its crazy drops. A great feature of this trail is that it can be customized to your skill level depending on which lines you decide to take.

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