Why we love b-cycle

By April 29, 2015Bike

Owning your own bike isn’t always practical. What if you drive a tiny coupe? What if a bike rack just doesn’t work with your car’s “image”? Well fortunately for these unfortunate people, B-cycle has you covered. B-cycle is a bike sharing system located in more than 30 cities across the United States, along with a location in Santiago, Chile. The concept is simple: visit a “B-station,” grab a bike, ride it for however long you want, then return it to the closest station.

Why we love B-cycle:

  • It’s CONVENIENT- There are 85 different stations in the Denver area alone. With more than 3,500 bikes on two continents, it’s extremely convenient to find, ride and return a bike. Bikes also come with a basket to hold all of your accessories.
  • It’s EASY– In less than two minutes you can sign up for a membership and be on your way. You can also sign up for longer memberships (monthly, yearly, etc depending on location) online. 
  • It’s HEALTHY– B-cycle promotes a healthy and fitness-centered lifestyle by encouraging citizens to bike instead of drive. The bikes even measure the distance traveled and keep track of the calories burned and the carbon emissions prevented by your bike ride. All this information is available on your personal B-cycle web page.
  • It’s a friend of the ENVIRONMENT– Riding b-cycles helps reduce automobile pollution. B-stations can even be solar-powered!

Rates vary by location, but an average 1 hour ride costs between $5-12. Check out your city’s individual B-cycle website to see exact rates. In addition, many locations offer discounts to students, seniors and members of the armed services.

Some cities’ B-cycle stations go by different names, such as GREENbike in Salt Lake City, CAT Bike in Savannah and Bublr Bikes in Milwaukee, but the concept is always the same. 

For more information and to find a B-cycle city near you, visit bcycle.com.


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