Winter Riding Essentials from Gravel Bike

By December 16, 2016Bike
Winter Riding Essentials

Winter is here! And it’s an important time to take into consideration some winter essentials to ensure your riding doesn’t suffer.

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After years of experimenting with what seemed like an endless combination of clipless shoes, socks, shoe covers, and even plastic bags, I decided to give flat pedals a try for winter riding. The result? All I can say is, I wish I’d done this sooner. It’s amazing how much warmer your feet stay when you don’t have a chunk of metal bolted to your shoe (physics FTW). Factor in urban- and MTB-style shoes’ improved walkability and comfort and it’s easy to see why flat pedals/shoes are so popular. When selecting shoes for winter riding, choose a size that will accommodate socks of various thickness and avoid the temptation to cram several pairs of socks into your shoes. Despite your good intentions, you’ll end up restricting movement and bloodflow, both of which are necessary for staying warm.

Swiftwick wool  — I’m a big fan of wool socks for year-round use, and Swiftwick’s woolies are my favorites. Made from US-sourced Merino wool, Swiftwicks are soft, durable, and offer just the right amount of compression.