Would you wear a Boncho? The 1st full-body bike poncho

By January 12, 2016Bike

We cyclists are dedicated when it comes to training. We are so dedicated that we will bike no matter the weather. A brand new product called a Boncho has made it a little easier for you to tough out the weather and a little easier to possibly be laughed at on the road.

Boncho is a full-body poncho designed to step up the traditional raincoat. While a raincoat doesn’t protect your lower half when pedaling, Boncho provides an extended structure that goes over your handlebars to form a cover for your legs and feet.

Boncho uses a unique folding structure, similar to pop up tents. The folding and unfolding is easy, making the package very small and thin, easy to carry inside almost every bag.

Boncho is a Kickstarter initiative planning to launch in March of 2016. VANMOOF, the Dutch company behind Boncho, raised almost six times their goal amount.

What do you think? Would YOU wear this crazy accessory to keep dry?