Don’t Let Your Next Marathon Fall Flat

By January 11, 2017Run

If you’re an avid marathoner then you’ve most likely run (no pun intended) to the issue of getting flat courses or perhaps even searching for them. Maybe it’s in an effort to ensure a faster time? Despite subtle changes in training, it is normal to experience your times becoming more flat.

Runner’s World shared an article about how to stop falling flat at your next marathon:

A little change in elevation serves to wake up your legs, engaging different parts of your muscles or even different muscles while resting the muscles you taxed while running on the flats, where every stride is the same old same old. Face it, your muscles can get bored by mundane repetition so a little change-up serves as a gear shift to revive your stride and kick into a different tempo, shaking things up to help you through your 26.2-mile journey.

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