Gear Talk: Moji massagers for an icy recovery

By May 31, 2016Gear Talk

Without proper recovery, your workouts can become meaningless and possibly harmful to you. How we, as athletes, deal with training stress and daily fatigue will affect the overall gains we make in fitness.

You can help your body recover from an intense workout session in many ways: proper nutrition, sleep, ice (debatable), massage and so forth. Not all of us have the time or finances for a luxurious massage, but with the help of self-massage devices we can come pretty close. Moji (pronounced Mo-G) sets out to combine self-massage and ice therapy. The creation is a truly unique recovery tool that is easy to take to the gym or in your race bag for race day. 


Imagine you just completed a super hard work out in the boiling heat, you ride back to your house with sore hot legs. What sounds better than opening the freezer and icing your tired legs with a bag of veggies? How about getting a roller with four ice cold spheres and massaging those intervals out of your legs? That’s exactly what I did with my first experience with the Moji Curve PRO.

The Curve PRO is made from a flexible plastic, soft grip silicone around the hand grips and four solid steel ball bearings that roll independently down the center. This enables the user to control the massage sensation along with the direction. The ball bearings are what separates the Moji Curve PRO from other self-myofascial release products.

Having the ability to freeze the Curve PRO and have a cool massage was truly new to me. The sensation on the muscles using the Curve PRO is much like “The Stick” or a foam roller. The depth in which the ball bearings are set allow for the user to go deep with the massage or very lite. The construction and length of the Curve PRO allows the user to get a service all the major muscle group although getting to the back can be tricky. Personally I love the portability of the Curve PRO; I find it to be my go-to pre/post-race for a quick muscle rub or loosen up.

Another great factor about this product is that it’s not just for athletes. This is something that anyone dealing with fatigue can take advantage of.  If you like to explore the ever expanding world of DIY recovery devices, put the Curve PRO on your short list. You will not be disappointed.


Tired of sore and hot feeling feet after a long run or ride? Moji’s Foot PRO is the answer to your foot woes. Created using the same steel sphere technology of the Curve PRO, the Foot PRO is designed to comfort your tired feet and arched with the aid of self-massage and cold treatment.

To use the Foot PRO is pretty simple: Take off your shoes and socks and roll the sole of your foot and arch over the cool steel spheres to help soothe tired ligaments and break up scar tissue. This sensation can be a little much in the beginning, so I would recommend sitting on a chair or the couch before you attempt to stand on the Foot PRO unsupported (I made this mistake, like a very intense foot tickle, slightly embarrassing if around other people).

The Foot PRO is a nice counterpart to the Curve PRO in the recovery process. The small size of the Foot PRO is perfect for keeping around the office or car. Mine is now my favorite cubical companion. If you spend much of your day on your feet or impacting your feet with intense running and cross fit style training ,the Foot PRO can be a huge recovery tool. At $29.99, it’s inexpensive enough to have one at the office and one near the couch.

For the ultimate recovery, pair the Moji rollers with our 12″ graduated compression TRAVEL+ sock!

Bye bye, swelling.

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