10 things your socks say about you on the trail

By March 23, 2016Hike

1. Durability

When you step on the trail, the fact is, you aren’t sure how long exactly you’ll be out there. Mother Nature is a crafty being, and she’s ready to throw every obstacle she has at you. But a hiker with the right socks knows this. They relish in it. They accept the challenge. No matter what difficulties lie ahead, they’re ready to push through and resist the wear and tear the trail puts on them. Swiftwick knows hikers, and we’re able to put socks on their feet that are as durable as them.

2. Power

What’s more powerful than nature? How about a hiker’s spirit? But if a hiker is going to push back with their own power, the right equipment and apparel is essential. With legs constantly pushing, climbing and carrying, it’s no wonder they get so tired. However, Swiftwick socks work to prevent this by allowing more blood to the legs, so you can continue to power through just about anything

3. Confidence

If you’re a hiker, you need to be confident in your abilities. You need to look up and be able to say, “I can climb that mountain, no problem.” Why put extra doubt on yourself by buying junky socks? Don’t settle! Feel better about yourself and your abilities with a quality pair of Swiftwick socks that will have you feeling like you can scour the globe.

4. Flashiness

Maybe you’re the type that likes to leave a major impact on people at first impression. Or maybe you like to remain low-key and just do your thing effectively. Either way, Swiftwick has you covered. With a variety of colors and styles, there’s something for both extroverts and introverts. Feeling flashy? Pick up the lime green socks. Want to just enhance your sock-wearing experience but do it on the down-low? Black is a great choice too.

5. Athleticism

If you’re out on the trail, your body is working hard to keep you moving.  You may not realize it (but you probably do), but you’re putting forth quite the athletic effort. Where does all of this start? At your feet of course. What better way to help out your feet than to provide them with the best socks around? Push your body to its athletic limit with Swiftwick.

6. Experience

Nobody wants to seem like a rookie, even if they are. The fact is, experience helps both performance and your friend’s perception of said performance. You need to know what trails to take, which to avoid, and the physical limits of your body.  So, if you are experienced, why not display that with a quality sock that says, “I know what I’m doing.”  And hey, even if you’re not experienced, getting yourself a pair of Swiftwicks at least helps you dress the part.

7. Pride

Your appearance can say a lot about who you are, but perhaps most importantly, it can say that you take pride in yourself. Still schlepping around in your old socks with holes in them? Throw them out! A pair of crisp Swiftwick socks will be sure to impress, and they will stay in that condition as well.

8. Comfort

Of course, comfort is ideal. While Swiftwick socks can provide comfort for your feet, they can also provide comfort for your mind. There’s no need to worry about rips, tears, or what you should do if your socks give out. Instead, take comfort in knowing that Swiftwick won’t let you down, and that they’re the best socks you’ve ever worn.

9. Determination

You’re not a quitter, and that’s the last thing you want people to say about you. Show them on the trail. When others are tired, Swiftwick will keep you going, and you may even become the leader of the pack. Never say die, and never let the wrong socks keep you back with blisters or other ailments that keep you from reaching your goal. With Swiftwick, you can make a statement that you’ll stop at nothing.

10. Knowledge

While your friends may be happy with their run-of-the-mill socks, you know better. You know that with a premium sock comes premium performance, and Swiftwick provides just that.  So while everyone else is scratching their heads wondering why they have blisters and why their legs are so tired, you can be happy to tell them about Swiftwick.