10 ways your socks could save your life on the trail

By March 16, 2016Hike

1. By keeping your feet protected

Okay, so we’ll start with the most obvious and easy one here. Without the proper pair of socks, you likely aren’t getting very far on the trail. With a lack of resources to wash and maintain clothes, you’re going to need a pair of socks that can last the long haul. Luckily, Swiftwick understands this and makes some of the most durable socks on the market; ones that are just as useful on day seven as day one.

2. Rope when you have none

Remember that durability we mentioned? Why not utilize that if you’re ever caught in a jam? Swiftwick TWELVEs are great for getting circulation throughout your calves as they extend up to almost your knee. However, this also means that they’ll hold up if you ever need to tie something down, pull something heavy, or even scale a mountain (disclaimer: we don’t recommend this). What better way to carry portable ropes than to just put them on your feet?

3. Use them as a weapon

Let’s be honest- the wilderness can be a cruel, unforgiving place at times. With ravenous wolves, hungry bears and other vicious beasts in the wild, it’s important to be able to protect yourself. What’s a fast way to make some protection for yourself? Simply stuff those Swiftwick socks with something hard and unforgiving like a rock, and voila! You have yourself a makeshift mace. Let’s see how close those beasts can get to someone who’s packing… laundry.

4. Coffee filter

Admittedly, this one probably isn’t going to save your life, and it may even seem pathetic to some. However, some people just can’t function without their coffee. On the trail, you’re not likely to have your precious coffee maker with you, so we’ll propose a solution; socks.  Of course, you’ll probably want to use a clean pair for this, but we’ll leave that up to you.  Simply fill those Swiftwick socks up with ground beans, boil some water over a fire, and run it down through for a makeshift pick-me-up.

5. Fix your hair

Maybe for you, you live and die by your appearance. When you’re out in the wild, you likely packed light and couldn’t bring all of your accessories to look your best. Simple solution? Your socks. From tying them into knots to hold your ponytail to utilizing them to create a sock bun, Swiftwick can help you save face on your appearance when you’re most desperate.

6.  Apply pressure to wounds

Injuries happen. Whenever you’re miles away from the nearest hospital, this fact can be a scary thing. If you ever find yourself or a friend losing blood fast, it’s important to apply pressure to it as soon as possible to stop the bleeding. With the elasticity and durability of Swiftwick, you may just save a life.

7. Washcloth

Keeping with the appearance trend, it’s important to at least try to stay clean throughout your journeys. Admittedly, this can be difficult when you’re away from your shower with various cleanliness tools and soaps at your disposal. However, maybe your Swiftwicks can keep you just clean enough. Simply throw a bar of soap into your sock, run it through some water, and presto- instant washcloth.

8. Secure your phone/valuables

If you’re in the middle of nowhere, it’s safe to say that your phone could possibly be a life saver, and it could be the difference between life or death.  It’s important to ensure that you have it on you at all times, and Swiftwick can help with this. If you’re wearing your Swiftwicks, just slide your phone or other valuables in between your sock and calf.

9.  Cushion your knees/elbows

Whether you’re trying to build a fire, climb rocks or simply going about your day on the trail, it never hurts to add some extra protection. While Swiftwick socks inherently add protection to your feet and legs already, there’s really no limit to the ways they can help.  If you wind yourself wanting to avoid some extra bumps and bruises, simply wrap the socks around your knees and elbows. Your joints will thank you.

10. Stay moving longer

Finally, the last way socks can save your life on the trail is simply by doing their intended purpose.  With Swiftwick technology, your feet and legs will finally have a sock that will keep them fresh and vitalized.  Not only that, the socks will simply last longer.  Say goodbye to rips and tears, and say hello to durability and performance.  Swiftwick socks will be able to keep up no matter what the terrain, so you can press on as far as your heart will take you.

NOTE: All of these survival strategies have not been tested. Please do not actually use Swiftwicks to scale a mountain.