11-year-old aims to be youngest person to climb Everest

By September 3, 2015Hike
Photo: Justin Bastien for Outside Online

Three weeks ago, American Tyler Armstrong announced that he will quest to become the youngest climber to ever take on Mount Everest. He plans to start his hike in spring of 2016.

“I like pushing myself and I like to be different from other kids,” Tyler told Outside Online earlier this month, a few weeks before he starts sixth grade. “I think I can push myself and be the youngest to do the Seven Summits. The recognition helps motivate me. It pushes me on the mountain.”

However, his announcement has caused quite a bit of controversy. The danger involved in hiking Everest is significant, and many are concerned that letting a child take on this feat is a huge mistake. For the past five months, Everest was closed to hikers due to an incident in April that killed 19. It recently reopened to climbers, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it is any safer. 

Tyler has so far achieved three of the Seven Summits, which represent the highest peak on each continent: Aconcagua (South America), Kilimanjaro (Africa), and Mount Elbrus (Europe). Everest would be his fourth.

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