Learn how we created the NEW Pursuit Hike sock!

By December 15, 2016Hike
Master's Athlete

Everyday, new stories are made, and we love getting to share our vision of adventure to the world through our socks. We thought that today we would further introduce our Pursuit Hike socks.

Check out our interview with Swiftwick President Chuck Smith:


  • Swiftwick focused on the running, biking, and cycling performance segments since it started. What was the motivation in moving to the realm of the outdoors?

It was a natural extension. Many people who are into running or cycling also enjoy hiking and backpacking. We want to meet our customer’s needs for all of their active lifestyle pursuits.  


  • Is the Pursuit a large jump from the current product line of running and biking / cycling performance?

The product is certainly quite different, but the fundamental principles are the same as with all Swiftwick products: Contoured Compression® Fit, and Fiber First™ Moisture Wicking combining to deliver blister-free and dry performance.  


  • Can you tell us about the process of designing the Pursuit? What was the inspiration?

The goal of designing any of our products is to provide a consistent Swiftwick experience, but specific to the application. We wanted to produce a sock that people would recognize as a hiking sock, but met our standards for fit and moisture wicking. We were able to achieve this by combining the proven outdoor performance of Merino wool with our signature Olefin fibers. By blending Olefin into the footbed, we created a sock that would move moisture away from the bottom of the foot where blisters form.


  • What feedback has Swiftwick received concerning the Pursuit?

Prior to launch, we tested the socks on trails from North Georgia, to the Tetons, to the Alps.  All of the feedback we received was very encouraging. The plan for our tester in the Alps was to alternate days between the Pursuit Hike and a competitive sock for comparison. She stopped mid-trail and swapped back into the Pursuit Hike and refused to switch back for the rest of the trip.  


  • Are there any further plans for Swiftwick to delve into the Outdoor segment?

Our mission is to empower life’s adventures and we will always be looking for opportunities to live that out. The broader outdoor category has some great applications where our design philosophy could make a difference.


  • What excites you most about the future of Swiftwick?

 Seriously, the genuine enthusiasm of our team to contribute to the experiences of others is what gets me stoked to come to work everyday.


Check out the new PURSUIT Hike sock here.