Lipscomb grads take the PCT: two weeks in

By May 29, 2015Hike

Post by: Kirby Arloff of the Nashville Nomads

“Trail life is unlike anything I have ever experienced in my 22 years thus far. It’s about community, sharing, and straight-to-the-point conversation.

Brandon shows off his Tennessee state flag VISION socks on the hike.

We have been on the PCT [Pacific Crest Trail] for two weeks now, and it has been the hardest yet most rewarding weeks of my life. Just to get an idea of how our days go…

  1. We wake up around 5 AM, take down camp, eat some breakfast (which usually consists of a whole lot of pop tarts), pack all our gear into our 40-pound packs (yes we know this weight is incredibly heavy. Working on it…) and start hiking around 6.
  2. We hike for a solid three hours, where we then take a break, have some much needed lunch, and carry on with another three hours of hiking.
  3. When we finish our 15-20 miles for the day, we find a spot to camp on trail, set up the tent, eat some dinner and hit the hay.

Repeat this day after day and you’re standing in our shoes. Sounds incredibly boring and treacherous, am I right? Wrong. This trail isn’t even about the hike for most of us out here. In fact, the walking is probably everyone’s least favorite part!

Kirby, Brandon and Madison- the “Nashville Nomads”

It’s about the hikers. The incredible stories. The warm souls walking this tough life with us. People to gather with at the end of the day and share and laugh at the rough stuff with. It’s about the community who understands this stunning earth, God’s creation, an unreserved welcome, and loving people so fully.

The trails are about sharing everything, from wisdom, to tricks of healing the many blisters we have, to sharing their oh so precious snacks just to brighten your day. It’s about honest conversation. No small talk. People want to know you. They want to know your story. We all have one, and out here, they are told. I’ve been humbled by strangers generosity and willingness to help so unconditionally. I’ve already been so restored in these last two weeks, and I can’t wait to see what the next two will bring to the table!”

The “Nashville Nomads” consist of three Lipscomb University graduates- Kirby, Brandon, and Madison- who decided to seek an adventure after graduation. They are hiking all 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail and have been on the trail since May 11th. They expect to finish the hike by October. The “nomads” are wearing the PURSUIT, PURSUIT THIN WOOL, and VISION on their adventures.

Keep up with the Nashville Nomads on their blog.

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  • Marla Grover says:

    I am the proud Grandmother of Kirby. She is an amazing girl with an open heart full of love which she shares with the world. Her sense of adventure is on going. I don’t think this earth is big enough to fulfill her bucket list May God bless these wonderful young people and also a special thanks for the awesome sock!

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