Seven summits, two poles, one million dollars to combat childhood obesity

By June 26, 2015Hike

Today in America, one out of three children and adolescents is overweight or obese, putting them at risk for serious health problems. In the last 30 years, childhood obesity has almost tripled in children and adolescents. 

Pro endurance athlete Colin O’Brady did not like those statistics. He set his eyes on a journey to help change the stats and give children a healthier future.

How will Colin help kids have a better future?

First, Colin partnered with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. This organization’s goal is to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity and to empower kids to develop lifelong, healthy habits.

Next, he needed to do something awesome to raise money for this organization. Oh did I mention? Colin’s journey involves breaking a world record.


To raise awareness and funds for childhood obesity, Colin is aiming to become the fastest person to complete the Explorers Grand Slam. This adventure challenge consists of summiting the tallest peak on each of the seven continents and trekking to the North and South Poles. Only 42 people have ever completed this staggering achievement and only two in under a year. Through determination and endurance, Colin will complete the entire expedition in a world record shattering six months.

Colin hopes that his record-breaking performance will inspire today’s youth to make healthy decisions and pursue their own dreams. His campaign to accomplish this is called “BEYOND 7/2.”

BEYOND 7/2 aims to raise $1 million through this experience. Colin is excited to champion this cause as he has reaped the benefits of healthy eating and exercise in his own life. His dream: to inspire people everywhere to live healthy, active lives.

Swiftwick is excited to support Colin in his venture by providing him with the best socks for his journey. Having comfortable feet and staying blister-free will be crucial to his success. 

About Colin

Colin O’Brady was born in Olympia, Washington. The son of an Eagle Scout, Colin spent his childhood exploring the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest with his family. He learned about healthy living from his father, an organic farmer, and from his mother and stepfather, co-founders of a local, natural foods grocery chain.

Colin was recruited to swim at Yale University where he swam all four years. In 2006, Colin graduated from Yale with a BA in economics. The day after graduation, he embarked on a 4,000-mile cycling journey from Connecticut to Oregon, with the aim to raise money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity.

After his cycling campaign and before beginning his career in finance, Colin left to explore the world on a backpacking trip. While in Thailand, Colin suffered a tragic accident and was severely burned in a fire. His injuries covered nearly 25% of his body, primarily damaging his legs and feet.

Doctors warned him he might never walk again normally, but Colin was determined to beat the odds. He focused not only on walking again, but set himself a goal- to complete a triathlon following his recovery. A mere 18 months after his accident while working as a trader in Chicago, Colin amazed the racing world when he placed first overall amateur at the 2009 Chicago Triathlon.

His victory in triathlon sparked a new path. Colin turned pro and fulfilled his childhood dream of being a professional athlete. Over the last five years, he has represented the United States in triathlon competitions in 22 countries and on six continents. Meanwhile, the distant peaks still called to him. Colin finally summited Mount Kilimanjaro following a race in East Africa, and climbed Mount Fuji after racing in Japan.

Colin’s whole life has led him to the Explorers Grand Slam. This year, in addition to competing on the grueling Ironman circuit, Colin will cross-train in the mountains in preparation for a record-breaking performance.

To learn more about Colin’s journey or donate to his campaign, visit!