Summertime camping

By April 14, 2016Hike

Many acquaintance camping with the clear night sky and looking up at the stars. Summer is right around the corner, and coming with it is all the things like trips to the beach, backyard grilling, and for many Americans, the start of camping season. Sleeping under the stars, making s’mores around a campfire, enjoying the tranquility of silence- does it get any better? But camping has come a long way from putting on a backpack jammed with gear and hiking into the woods or loading up the station wagon with sleeping bags.

Camping can put a unique spin on a “conventional” vacation. For some travelers, a visit to the exceedingly diverse ecosystem of Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands is a bucket-list trip, a once in a lifetime adventure. But many visitors spend too much of their time on ships and too little time on the islands themselves.

There are so many exceptional choices available today, in terms of places to go and ways to camp. The notion of camping has evolved far beyond a tent, tarp and poles. Choices range from yurts and beaches to pack trips and full-service glamour camping, also known as glamping.

You don’t need to go spend hundreds of dollars on the best camping equipment out there. If you stick with the essentials: shelter, food, water, and a pair of Swiftwick socks, then you’re going to have a fun time regardless as to where you go. But even at its most extravagant, camping offers great values for families and vacations – plus memories that last a lifetime.