The best noms for the trail

By March 28, 2016Hike

Post by: Ryan Giesbrecht. 

On a backpacking trek, food, just like any other time, keeps you alive! The difference about eating food on the trail is that it, preferably, should be light, compact and nutritious. Besides keeping your feet and body healthy with Swiftwick socks, choosing good foods to bring along your journey will help with the weight of your pack and your overall body health. Here’s some outdoor food wisdom I’ve learned over the years:

Get a camping stove.

If you are serious about backpacking (3 day – 2 week trips), then a camping stove is a beautiful asset. You can find tiny ones that retract into a little canister that are small enough to fit into your palm. Of course you’ll have to bring a little pan along too, but the rewards are greater than the space taken up in your pack (in my opinion). With a stove, you can heat water, make risotto (or whatever dry food you want that requires water), dry your boots, and any other assortment or creative utilities that require concentrated fire. (There are also other boiling mechanisms and stoves that are great.)


Flat, compact, awesome. Carbs and protein.

Cheese and summer sausage.

Cheese and summer sausage are great to put in your tortillas. Tortilla fuel! Additionally, these snacks will stay good for a while.


Easy and good munch snack for in between meals. (Pro tip: you can trade granola bars on the trail with other hikers for things you need!)


Perishable yes, but they provide energy. Eat quickly to prevent bruising in your pack.

Peanut butter.

Again, tortilla fuel! Add some granola to your peanut butter for a snack that tastes like a nutter butter.

Crunchy snacks like cheese squares, Triscuits, or dried fruit.

Stays good. Keeps you happy. I recommend trying banana chips!

Fruit snacks.

No explanation needed.


This is vital! Don’t go without this. You won’t have access to many fruits or veggies on the trail, so this is a decent supplement for the time being.

This is my go to list. Try it out! Remember, you are burning a lot of carbs! Eat a ton and stay healthy. Remember to dispose of all trash in a trash bag that you keep in your pack. Don’t litter. Bears will eat you if you litter.

Keep adventuring!