Top of the world: top 10 peaks in the US

By April 11, 2016Hike

What is better than that feeling that Leonardo DiCaprio had in Titanic? No, I’m not talking about his torrid love affair with Kate Winslet. I’m talking about that iconic moment when he’s on the bow of the ship and shouts, “I’m the king of the world!”

In the United States, there are 67 mountains that reach over 14,000 feet in altitude at the summit. Here are the top ten highest peaks that you can climb if you’re feeling up to the challenge and you’ve got your Swiftwick socks ready to go!

1. Mount Whitney (California)
Located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range near Death Valley, Mount Whitney is the tallest point in the continental United States, reaching a peak of 14,497 feet.

2. Mount Elbert (Colorado)
Located in the Sawatch range of the Colorado Rockies, Mount Elbert is a lesser known peak and the second highest in the continental U.S., with a summit of 14,433 feet.

3. Mount Massive (Colorado)
Also located in the Sawatch range, Mount Massive certainly lives up to its name. Out of every peak on this list, Massive has the most area over 14,000 feet in altitude, with the highest being at 14,421 feet.

4. Mount Harvard (Colorado)
Also located in the Sawatch range, Mount Harvard is the third highest peak in Colorado, with a summit of 14,420 feet.

5. Mount Rainier (Washington)
Located in the Cascades of Washington, Mount Rainier is the main attraction of Mount Rainier National Park, with three classified summits: Columbia Crest (14,411 feet), Point Success (14,158 feet), and Liberty Cap (14,112 feet).

6. Mount Williamson (California)
Located in the Sierra Nevada, Mount Williamson has three peaks like Mount Rainier: the main summit at 14,375 feet and the east and west peaks at 14,125 and 14,160 feet respectively.

7. Blanca Peak (Colorado)
Located in the Sangre de Cristo range, Blanca Peak is the tallest point of the Sierra Blanca Massif, reaching a height of 14,345 feet above sea level.

8. La Plata Peak (Colorado)
Located in the Sawatch range, La Plata Peak is of similar configuration to Mount Elbert and Mount Massive, just a few hundred feet shorter, with a summit of 14,336 feet.

9. Uncompahgre Peak (Colorado)
Located in the San Juan mountain range of southwest Colorado, Uncompahgre Peak is not only incredibly difficult to pronounce, but also the highest peak in the San Juan range, reaching a peak of 14,309 feet.

10. Crestone Peak (Colorado)
Located in the Sangre de Cristo range, Crestone Peak is not the tallest even in the range, but according to those who have climbed it, it is one of the most difficult and most intimidating. Known as “the Peak,” Crestone’s summit reaches 14,294 feet.

So slip on your Swiftwick socks and become one of the few who have climbed these impressive peaks!