What is essential gear for your outdoor adventure?

By September 30, 2016Hike

What is essential gear? For those that hike and backpack, essential gear is the lifeblood that keeps you warm, safe, and healthy.

Most everyone who hiked or backpacked at least once has a story or two about his or her gear. We hear comments like “it was hot, I should have worn something else,” or “I packed too much for this trip,” or “this piece of gear saved my life!” There’s always something to say about how good or bad a packing decision was for a particular trip.

Over time, we create a mental inventory of these essentials. Some pieces of gear are more necessary than others, and some are even luxuries. This mental inventory separates the necessary from the frivolous. It is a filter that aids in achieving the most rad outdoor experience!

An example of some essentials:

[We will do a more extensive gear post, so stay tuned!]



-Clothing (Yes, this definitely includes socks)

-Sleeping bag



-Something to keep warm

As people become more crunchy and outdoorsy, changes begin to take hold. Sure, the world outside becomes a personal playground, but most of all, a perspective shift takes place. A backpack becomes a vehicle of transportation. A water supply becomes life. A tent becomes the closest thing to home there is.

We at Swiftwick hope to aid you with the essentials. Our hike sock isn’t just fluff to add to a pack. Without socks, hiking boots will tear up feet. Proper socks prevent blisters that will make the last eighty miles of the trail excruciating.

Every adventure deserves to be cherished fully without an empty stomach, without exhaustion, and without blistering toes. Every reliable piece of gear is something of a marvel. We hope that we can add one more essential item to your inventory. Chase adventure. It fits you!