16 ways your life changes when you adopt an active lifestyle

By November 24, 2015Life

Working out changes your life in more ways than just physically. For the good and bad- adopting an active lifestyle changes you. Zahra Barne of Self shares how she went from a lounging lifestyle to an active lifestyle. Here are 16 ways her actions, perspective, routine and life changed since she started working out.

  1. You wake up in a good mood.
    This is revolutionary, because mornings used to be the bane of my night-owl existence. I would convince myself to get out of bed only by thinking that in however many hours, I could get back in it. Now I’m usually excited to get up, grab coffee, and figure out what I’m doing with my day. Sometimes that includes hiking two very steep miles to reach a beautiful lake, since I sadly cannot teleport. 
  2. I really prioritize working out. 
    I get annoyed if I miss an exercise session, so I’d often rather do something besides vegging out at home. FYI, pigs are flying past my window right now.
  3. My knees creak like an old house in the wind.
    My knees are the only part of my body that isn’t thrilled with this change in the status quo. Instead, they protest various movements with alarming snaps, crackles, or pops, and they pretty much always ache. At least I know to start saving up for replacement surgery now?
  4. I now spend a lot of money. 
    Why, yes, I do need new sneakers, a reflective running jacket, and swimming goggles with better suction. Add that to my online barre class subscription, renting bikes to get around DC, and paying for access to a nearby gym so I can swim laps. My bank account is probably not pleased with me.  
  5. My phone is basically always dying.
    When I’m home, it’s easy to keep my phone fully charged. Now that I make an effort to be out and about, that’s not the case. Between listening to podcasts, checking my GPS when I inevitably get lost, and texting friends to figure out plans, my phone is perpetually on the verge of conking out. 
  6. Not dying? My energy levels. Instead, they’ve gone haywire.
    Working out more means I’m often flooded with adrenaline. Sometimes I crave a run at 10:00 P.M., or find myself bopping around to Selena Gomez way past my bedtime. 

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