4 ways to sneak in a workout over the holidays

By December 22, 2015Life

The holidays are a wonderful, crazy, busy time of the year. Or maybe just crazy busy for some of us. Whether you’re traveling or have a jam-packed schedule of celebrating, the holiday season often means straying from your exercise routine. Here are four ways to stay in shape and not miss out on time with friends and family:

  1. Condensed but intense
    Customize your own 30-minute workout that can be done anywhere with no equipment.

    1. Combine three lower body workouts (squats or lunges) and three upper body exercises (modified push-ups or chair dips).
    2. Warm up with exercises like marching or jogging in place, then do 10 to 20 repetitions of a lower body exercise and 10 to 15 repetitions of an upper body exercise. Follow this with a minute of jumping jacks or jogging in place.
    3. Repeat this routine two or even three times and then try a variation of abdominal crunches, low back lifts and stretches.
  2. Get a jump rope
    Jumping rope is a great way to get in a few minutes of intense cardio workout and it can be done just about anywhere. If you don’t have a jump rope, try climbing flights of stairs instead.
  3. RUN!
    This one is easy and may already be a part of your routine. Try this high intensity workout (if you’re an experienced runner) that only takes 25 minutes.

    • Warm up by walking for two minutes. Start with an easy effort and build to a brisk pace just slower than a jog. This is an important step, don’t skip it!
    • Run at an easy effort (conversational) for five minutes to continue to warm up.
    • Repeat eight times (16 minutes).
    • Run at a sprint effort (hard) for 30 seconds.
    • Recover with 90 seconds of very easy jogging or brisk walking.
    • Walk it out to cool it down for two minutes.
  4. Get creative
    Try biking, hiking, swimming or running stairs . Effective workouts aren’t limited to the standard fares of walking, jogging or having access to a gym.

What’s your favorite way to stay in shape on-the-go ?