5 reasons why Swiftwick socks are bae

By March 30, 2016Life

1. They’re always there to cuddle up with

It’s a Friday night.  You’re on your couch doing the usual- Netflix and… loneliness. But who’s always been there on those nights? Your socks of course. You might not always give them the credit they deserve, but they’ve always been there on the nights when your plans fell through… again.

2.  They’re soft and sensitive

Yelling, name calling and rejection certainly aren’t the high points of any relationship, so it’s a good thing we don’t get them from our socks. In fact, Swiftwick only provides socks that are soft and sensitive on your feet. That way you can keep moving comfortably away from someone yelling in your ear.

3. They’re tough and sturdy

Life brings an endless path of struggle. The terrain is rough out there, so you’re going to need someone (or something) in it for the long haul. While it’s different to find another person to be that way for you, it’s just as easy just to buy a pair of Swiftwicks that can be.

4. They’re reliable

When you’re climbing a trail, running or doing practically anything, it’s nice to know your socks won’t flake on you. With Swiftwick, there’s no rejection, lies, or “Oh, sorry I can’t, I have plans.” Swiftwick socks show up no matter what you want to do, and they’ll never leave you hanging out to dry. (Feel free to hang them out to try though- they’re moisture-wicking, after all!)

5. You can’t live without them

We break up, we move on. We break up, we move on. We…. well, you get it. But try breaking up with a pair of Swiftwicks, and you’ll find it nearly impossible. With the best socks under your feet, you’ll be amazed at how much better you will feel and how much your body will thank you.  Sure, you can try to break up with them and search for another sock, but the truth is, Swiftwicks are your one and only.