6 things to do with your life now that Rio 2016 is over

By August 30, 2016Life

For those of you who have just been twiddling your thumbs, crying yourself to sleep every night or desperately trying to become friends with Simone Biles, this list is for you. Trade in the hours you spent watching, talking about and analyzing the games for one of these alternate activities. We guarantee they’ll be just as fun and just as time consuming.

1. Host the first-ever hedgehog games

Hedgehogs are cute, excellent at rolling into spiky balls and might be good runners? If you host your own games and find out, please let us know, because we have no idea. But wouldn’t getting a bunch of hedgehogs together be so cute and a great way to spend your time?

2. Hand out medals to your coworkers for everyday tasks

Ashley, you get a silver medal for responding to my email in a timely fashion. Linda, you take the gold for giving me my paycheck. Oh sorry David, you only get a bronze because you turned in your Powerpoint slides for the presentation 10 minutes before the meeting started.

3. Create a brand new sport

Rolling down grassy hills? Ultimate stapling? Who can put on a Swiftwick TWELVE the fastest? Since trampoline and racewalking are real sports that made the cut, the possibilities really are endless.

4. Petition to bring back solo synchronized swimming

Maxisport / Shutterstock.com

You may think this is something we made up since it doesn’t really make any sense, but this was an official sport from 1984-92. What’s most shocking about this is that it took the IOC three Olympics to realize that it was an oxymoron since a person swimming alone cannot be synchronized with someone else. In reality, competitors were judged for their synchronization with the music. Sound like a sport for you? Start the campaign!

5. Grow an herb garden

Cheap, easy and delicious. Is there a better time than now?

6. Start training for Tokyo 2020!

The next games are only four years away! That’s probably plenty of time to become the best at badminton, rhythmic gymnastics or horse dressing. Get practicing!