6 ways to spend your Labor Day outdoors

By August 31, 2015Life

Some weekends, two days of outdoor excitement just aren’t enough. Okay let’s be honest; two days are never enough. Cue Labor Day! We are extremely thankful for the day off, but we are even more thankful for all the hard-working Americans who made our country what it is. Today we celebrate you!

At a loss for how to spend your day off? Here are our suggestions for a sunshine-filled Labor Day:

1. Hike to a waterfall

Walking in the summer heat can make hiking miserable. I love to arrange my hikes so there is some kind of body of water involved so I can take a dip and cool down. I love hiking to waterfalls because the beauty is always so rewarding.

2. Bike or run a new trail

Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to check out that new trail you’ve been wanting to explore. Make sure to stay hydrated!

3. Explore your city on a b-cycle

If you aren’t familiar, B-cycle is a bike sharing system located in more than 30 cities across the United States. The concept is simple: visit a “B-station,” grab a bike, ride it for however long you want, then return it to the closest station. Jump on a b-cycle this Labor Day and explore your city from a two-wheeled perspective!

4. Rent a canoe or kayak

Canoeing and kayaking are great exercise and great fun! This is a great way to get out on the water and take advantage of the great weather. You can even hop in the water for a dip if you get too toasty!

5. Swim in a lake (or river)

Swimming in a lake (as opposed to a pool) is a great way to connect with nature. Swim some laps, grab a float and relax! Don’t worry about the crowds either. Lake are huge! Swimming is much more serene here.

6. Eat at a food truck

Food trucks have become quite the trend lately, and eating at a food truck is a great way to enjoy your day outside. Hit the trails, park or lake then grab some lunch at a food truck. Several food trucks will respond to tweets and come to you!

Photo by: BluIz60 / Shutterstock.com

How will YOU spend the holiday?