Amputee penguin to get 3-D printed foot

By June 7, 2016Life


This little penguin will soon be able to do what moves him to the fullest with the help of a new 3-D printed foot.

Bagpipes, a penguin from New Zealand, was rescued in 2007 and had his foot amputated after he was found with a fishing line wrapped around his leg, One News reported.

Bagpipes, who’s currently under the care of the International Antarctic Centre, has been waddling around on his stump for years. But on Wednesday, his waddle world was changed. Bagpipes was fitted with a 3D-printed replacement foot to help him swim, stand and waddle like a penguin should.

The penguin got to hop around with the help of the device, which is made of plastic. While he did stumble a bit, the outlet noted that Bagpipes got himself back up. Bagpipes’ final fitting will include a rubber portion to better assist him with grip.