Being Outdoorsy in the City

By October 26, 2016Life

If you are an outdoorsy type then the thought of living in the city may terrify you. There is a common misconception that you can’t enjoy the fresh outdoors when living city life. Sure, cities may not provide an extremely accessible outlet that living in a national park would provide, but there are definitely ways to find adventure.

There’s no way to substitute backpacking or outdoor hiking. In these moments when we are stuck in the city, it’s always great to get out and quell the wanderlust. Here are a few things you can try:

  • Frisbee Golf. If you haven’t tried this, it’s a great way to get outside and enjoy local parks and outdoor areas. Bring friends and enjoy!
  • Climbing Gym. Climbing gyms are a hybrid of indoor sport and outdoor routine. While outdoor climbing is much different, climbing at a gym is a good way to meet similar people and improve your climbing chops.
  • Slacklining. Many climbers enjoy slacklining due to the balance training and core workout it provides. You can take a slackline anywhere – which is ample excuse to explore.
  • Geocaching. This is a great way to explore your city. Geocaches are all over the world, and they are definitely to be found in your city.
  • Local / state parks. Finding good parks is a must in the city. Some parks have multiple hiking trails, and some are just a good place to kick back and enjoy the grass.

Regardless of where you are, don’t forget that you can adventure anywhere.