California Fun Facts

By October 4, 2016Life
Photo with Swiftwick athlete Michelle Barton

Ahh California..Beautiful beaches, sunshine, and the capital of the film industry, California is truly one of the country’s more interesting states. So here are some interesting facts about this interesting golden state!

  1. The actual name of California comes from an old Spanish novel written by Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo called, Las Sergas de Esplandián. Apparently in the story, California is an island that is home to a tribe of Amazon women!
  2. California has a annual marathon between the highest and the lowest points in the contiguous United States. The Badwater 135 is an Ultramarathon that stretches over 135 miles from Death Valley’s Badwater Basin to the top of Mount Whitney!
  3. California is home to some awesome hiking spots and boasts an impressive 27 national parks (more than any other state). In the vast forests in California, stands the tallest tree in the world. Standing at a staggering 379 feet, Hyperion’s location is kept secret, for fear that human traffic would cause a disruption in the delicate ecology of the mild, foggy slopes where the tree lives.
  4.  If you are perchance roaming through the California wilderness then you will definitely see plenty of wildlife! California is home to a diverse group of animals, and California certainly takes them seriously. In Pacific Grove near Monterey, there is an actual law that establishes a fine of $500 for molesting butterflies!
  5. You can’t talk about California without thinking about the iconic landmark, The Golden Gate Bridge! The bridge has become an iconic symbol for the West coast of America since it’s completion in 1937. The bridge can boast some pretty awesome things! The bridge has enough steel wires in its cables to circle the earth at the equator 3.5 times! Also, the Golden Gate Bridge is so massive that workers paint the bridge year round. By the time they get finished with one end, it’s time to begin repainting the other end!

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