Discover what moves you, then capture it

By March 22, 2016Life

Post by: Colin Powers

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the clock will never stop. This simple fact has proven true time and again. Many things compete for our attention, and though many may seem justifiable—most aren’t. The wrong things pull us away from what is truly important: our families, our passions, out health, etc. They give us a false sense of wholeness that is unsustainable. This leaves us to wonder how time went by so quickly, and why we aren’t pursuing the things we said we would.

As a college student, I notice when other students are distracted from what’s important. Our society—especially the college campus “bubble”—encourages us to focus on trends. What is the newest app, album, technological development, political crisis?

I don’t intend to diminish the importance of these advancements, but to give reference to the fact that trends, by nature, are unsustainable and cannot provide stability. They provide seasonal satisfaction; leaving us in a perpetual pursuit of the next thing in order to fill ourselves up. The truth is: family isn’t a trend. Neither are our passions, nor our health. These are pillars. To rely on trends means to sacrifice the pillars of our lives: family, our aspirations, health, and the like. When we are swallowed up by trends, our personal and familial commitments are left unfulfilled.

What if we took time to stop? Time to break away from the current of life. Time to reflect, time without our phones. Time to walk with family, time to listen with intention. Time to focus on a hobby or craft, such as running, music, or drawing. Time to exercise, to condition our bodies. It’s amazing what we will sacrifice when we are caught in the trends of society. Whether it’s a big life-change or a small one, make room in your schedule to experience things you have a passion for.

But how do we do that? This is the issue many wrestle with. How do we set boundaries? How do we say no to good things to say yes to even better things?

The answer is simple: we intentionally choose to stop. We reset our internal compasses and make hard decisions. We pursue something that moves and captivates us. The change doesn’t have to be drastic, but it should be deliberate. Change will create friction amidst our commitments, but ignoring a passion in order to do what everyone else does isn’t benefiting yourself or others. Utilizing personal gifts and reaching personal goals benefits oneself and the community.

So, what is your passion? Running? Hiking? Singing? Painting? Spending time with family? Make time for these things. The benefits will emerge in your life and the lives of those around you. Discover what moves you, then capture it.


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