Foot sweat for dummies

By October 9, 2016Life

Foot sweat, otherwise known as “foot juice,” has plagued the human race for a long time. Most of us treat foot juice as an inevitable happenstance. We treat it like it already won.

Many backpackers hike the trail with hundreds of dollars worth of gear, but socks are barely a second thought. We pack ten pairs of socks for a weeklong hike and forget about it. If socks run out, the mornings are uncomfortable at best. Imagine putting on a moist, rancid pair of socks when you get out of bed everyday. It’s a bummer.

Sweat is natural, but it can be maintained. The hiking boot is an ecosystem that needs maintenance. Heavy sweat can lead to blisters and a dank damp that can get weird.

If the feet are taken care of, there is one less problem for a backpacker to face on their trip.

Remember that the natural everyday problems of sweat and stink and damp can be managed with the correct sock! Visit your local dealer or to learn more!