Go: the World’s First Safe Map

By May 4, 2015Life

Running in an unfamiliar neighborhood in a big city can be unnerving. A new app simply called “Go” lets you see the safest areas for running, cycling, jogging or walking in your city. You can even get notified any time there is an accident near your home, work or school. This app has been crafted from more than 200 million data points collected over 45 years to identify dangerous intersections and paths for cyclists, walkers, joggers and even drivers. This superior data has made Go one of the best apps for Apple Watch.

In addition to its headlining safety feature, Go has teamed up with insurance companies to help users save money on their car insurance. When you give Go permission, it uses information like your location and how many miles you drive to provide you with the best rates from auto insurance companies. This feature has earned Go a spot in the top four must-have money saving apps of 2015, according to the Huffington Post.



Go has also named the safest cities to walk, jog and bike. Charlotte, NC is named number one for walking and jogging, where Boston takes number one for biking. 

A shout out to Chicago for making all three lists, coming in at number three in jogging, number four in walking and number eight in biking.

www.meetgo.me/infographics/ www.meetgo.me/infographics/







For the first time ever, you can see a view of the world through safety. Go is available for free on the App Store, exclusively for the iPhone and Apple Watch.


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