A speedgolf explosion

By August 18, 2015Golf

Speed golf (also known as extreme golf, fast golf, fitness golf and hit and run golf) involves playing a round of golf in the lowest possible sum of strokes and time. Basically, it’s exactly what the name entails. What’s it like to be a speedgolfer in a regular golfer’s world? 2015 British Open Speedgolf champion Rob Hogan explains.

“After a round of SLOW golf this morning, I put on my running shorts, slicked back my hair and set out to play some SPEEDGOLF. I intended to play slowly, maybe an hour, alternating running with walking, but whatever way I was feeling and whatever the stimulus provided by the regular golfers I was passing, it turned into a sub 40 minute sprint fest.

You don’t have to play SPEEDGOLF very early in the morning or very late in the evening as is so often reported. I played my round in the afternoon! Yes, you catch up and pass people, but once they are aware somewhat of this sport, passing is no problem. This is a crucial point- a speedgolfer does not delay the group they are playing through! It is simple math. The speedgolfer is playing so much faster that by the time the regular golfer get to their ball, the speedgolfer is long gone!

Secondly, of the groups I played through today, I would guess three of them had never seen a speedgolfer before, and while I was sprinting past these people en route to three well crafted pars, I noticed a smile, a curious look and a wave. Not only was I co-existing with these players, I was somehow adding to their experience.

One lone player that I passed watched me get down in two shots from 100 yards in about 30 seconds. We shared a smile and a laugh at this, and he quipped that “maybe he was thinking too much about his shots.”

The movement

60 million people play this game of golf. There is an appetite for faster play even if you don’t want to run. If you want to run, you’re going get a thrill. You’re going to realize things flow better when you are moving, trusting, being. It’s like a trance- drugs without ruining your life. You’re going to get a killer workout.

In the SPEEDGOLF community, we face the status quo of the golf industry; we face a resistance to change. But we have the players, we have the promoters and we have the chance to change the sport of golf forever. We also have the chance, regarding the stand alone sport of SPEEDGOLF, to guide it towards being a platform for inclusivity, equality and freedom. For health and fun.

The explosion

Ray Charles toured tirelessly for ten years before he got a hit. He was an overnight success they reckoned, but he wasn’t. He was deep in the blood and the minds of nearly every town in the United States. His first hit built upon this foundation.

We have done some ground work, and we have great movers and shakers on the job, too numerous to mention. With this in mind and considering the sheer quality of this sport, SPEEDGOLF is going to kick down the door of modern sport and popular culture. We’ve been knockin’ for a while now.”

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