How our adventures help tell our stories….

By November 3, 2016Life

Stories move us. Inside each story is an experience that is real – regardless of the fictional or fantastical details that are intermixed, there are weavings in stories that we respond to.

Some people wish to be the hero who saves the princess from the castle. Others see themselves as the adventurer who finds new lands and survives on strength and wit alone… Regardless of who or what it is that makes people feel inspired or alive, so many of us yearn to find ourselves in a story.

These stories don’t have to be extravagant. They don’t have to be bombastic. The best story tellers can make a trip to the grocery store sound like a riveting adventure.


They know how to describe the moment. Nothing crazy has to happen for that grocery store trip to be worthwhile! The moment itself is what moved that person.

We see “adventures” on instagram and facebook every day. We watch others climb mountains and jump from waterfalls and then ask ourselves why we aren’t doing the same. Sure, those things resonate with many people, but it’s good to remember that life itself is the fuel of stories.

We at Swiftwick do not think that you have to endure a six month survival excursion to be considered a worthy adventurer – to have a story to tell. We just sell socks, and that’s our way of getting involved with YOUR story. Hopefully our products aid you on your journey, but know that your story is yours and nothing can take that away from you.

Your story is beautiful. Make the most of it.