How to work out in hot weather

By September 4, 2015Life

If you’ve been keeping up with the U.S. Open this year, you’ve seen the extreme effects that heat can have on athletes. This year has brought an overwhelming number of players who have chosen to retire from their matches due to injuries, overheating, dehydration and cramping. In fact, this year’s Open has already set a record for the most retirements (12 total: 10 men and 2 women) in one round of any Grand Slam tournament.

Take the U.S. Open as a lesson and learn how to properly prepare and train in these extra-hot, end-of-summer temperatures. Check out these tips from Self Magazine on how to be safe in the heat:

1. Hydrate!

Yes, this one seems like a no-brainer. However, it is also important to hydrate the day before working out in the heat.

2. Get acclimated.

Aim to be in the climate you’ll be training in at least a week beforehand. This gives your body time to adjust before you start sweating.

3. Set realistic expectations.

The heat makes everything more difficult (as if you needed the reminder), so it’s important to recognize that ahead of time.

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