Is a triathlon right for you?

By August 16, 2016Life

Have you ever considered joining the crazy world of triathlon? While triathlons are not for everyone, a triathlon may be a right fit for you if…


1. You’re always looking for the next challenge.

Triathlon is a sport for those who are never done growing. What’s so fun about training for and competing in a triathlon is that there’s always more. There is always room to improve, always an opportunity for upgrade, and none of it can or should be done overnight. From sprint to Olympic to 70.3 to full and everything in between, there is always the next goal to strive after. And since there are three different sports involved, there will always be room to improve in at least one of the three.

2. You want to get out of your comfort zone.

Not many people excel at three different sports. Even professional triathletes will admit they have a weakest link. This is why combining three sports into one is the ultimate way to get out of your comfort zone. Some pros have started out not knowing how to swim. There are others that hadn’t been on a bike since childhood before starting training. But triathlons are all about overcoming your fears, bettering yourself and doing things you never thought were possible.

3. You get bored easily.

If running a 24-hour race has never really appealed to you or riding for hours sounds like a snooze fest, a triathlon may be a race that will keep you energized and interested. Triathlon training helps keep a variety in your workouts, which keeps things far from routine.

4. You’re not afraid of failing.

Many athletes are dead against taking a DNF in traditional races. But there is good chance you’ll have to accept one in a triathlon. There are so many variables in triathlon that increase the likelihood that you’ll take a DNF at some point. A DNF is normal in the triathlon world, and it’s okay!

Triathletes: what do YOU love about triathlon? Other athletes: would you consider a triathlon? Comment below!

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