Last minute sports costume ideas!

By October 28, 2016Life

If you’re looking for a comfortable, fun and easy costume, why not dress as an athlete? There are a lot of different options for a sporty costume and Swiftwick wants to help you find the perfect socks for each one.

Hockey Player

If you live in a cold area, a hockey player is a smart choice. You get to stay comfortable and warm while also wearing some awesome Swiftwick gear. Use the Cut-resistant Hockey Sock and Hockey Cut-resistant Wrist Sleeve as finishing touches to the perfect costume for any hockey fan.


If hockey isn’t your thing, what about being a fisherman? A fisherman is the perfect costume for any country guy. This costume doesn’t require too many elements. You just need a fishing pole, hat, earth toned clothing and the Pursuit Seven Brown socks.

 An Olympian

With Rio right in our rearview mirrors, an Olympian would be a fun costume to try. Support the American team with the Vision Five American Pride or the Vision One USA.

Football Player

The popularity of American football is sure to guarantee a popular costume. Try the Aspire Twelve socks or the Performance Twelve socks.

Written by: Jade Spilka

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