Looking for new places to have an adventure?

By October 18, 2016Life

The summer months are rolling around quick, which means that travel is inevitable. Around this time of year, we break off from our natural lives and visit friends, family, or just embark on a vacation.

So what are we to do when we are unfamiliar with an area, and we want to hike or go for a run?

Here are a few things to try:

  • Check your location on RootsRated.com. Just type in your current location, and you will be presented with a selection of rad places to experience.
  • Visit a local outdoor shop or running store and ask around! These people know.
  • Facebook bomb. If you ask what to do in the town you’re staying in, people will answer. It never fails.
  • Just go out and explore. This method has been around for a while. It can be fun.