My best friend’s Swiftwick story

By April 7, 2016Life

My best friend is a nurse. Her job requires her to be on her feet for long periods of time, several days a week. Because of that, she started to wear compression socks to work, and after some time, she realized that they really helped her out. The days of her feet being sore after three hours of a 12 hour shift were over. Unfortunately, she still found that after six or seven hours on her feet, her feet would still be sore.

I recommended that she try a pair of Swiftwicks. At first she wasn’t sure about it. “What is so special about these Swiftwick socks?” I went on to explain about about the Managed Compression technology that Swiftwick uses in their socks. They’re specially made to stabilize your feet’s many ligaments and muscles. They’re also proven to reduce swelling and increase circulation.

I gave her my pair to try out so she could see they were actually better than the random pair she had picked up before. After using them for a day, she was convinced of how much better these socks were. Since then, she’s bought several pairs of her own to wear to work.

Swiftwicks are great for running and outdoor use, but they’re also great socks for everyday use. My friend is living proof.

So no matter where your adventure takes you, whether it’s to the middle of nowhere or to the office… Keep adventuring!