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By April 27, 2015Life

Christian Finger made the commitment to change his life for the better by changing his diet, exercise routine and his socks. Check out his story for inspiration to start your own journey today.

Post by: Christian Finger

“I grew up in Boulder, Colorado, hiking, skiing, and cycling in the mountains. I also played competitive sports up through high school and was even recruited to play NCAA D1 football. Illness sidelined my days of playing college football, but I have continued to enjoy competitive and leisure sports. 
Over the years, through the combination of a fairly sedentary job, limited exercise, and a pretty crummy diet, I reached a low point health-wise. In April of 2011, I was at my highest weight ever and generally not feeling the way that I should. It was then that I drew a line in the sand with my entire lifestyle view. Wanting to make all-around lifestyle changes (and not just lose the weight), I started by committing to a 24 day challenge. That really got the ball rolling. I also rekindled my love of cycling that had sparked as a teenager in the mountains of Colorado. Through a complete shift in diet (fruits, veggies, lean proteins, whole grains, no processed foods) and 5-6 days a week on the bike, I turned my health around and dropped 70 pounds that year. 
I then became involved in the Be Healthy Challenge run by The Brentwood Homepage (a local online newspaper). This initiative pits individual contestants and teams (trained by area gyms) against each other in a competition focused around living a healthy lifestyle- not just losing weight. This came at a great time as I really needed help to get to the next level in my journey of healthy living. Throughout this process, I continued to refine my fuel intake, kept cycling and doing other activities, and crossed the 100+ pound weight loss barrier. This got me to a point of competing in my first duathlon and some longer distance cycling events.
This year, I am once again participating in the Be Healthy Challenge, but this time as a mentor. With the help of another former participant, Tara Volpintesta, we are encouraging 5 other teammates to pursue and reach their lifestyle, health, and fitness goals. Our team, along with Tara and I, are training with the wonderful folks at Quest Performance Training, led by trainer Carter Hayes.
It was through this process that I found Swiftwick socks and have been wearing them ever since. Swiftwick socks are quite simply the best quality and most comfortable performance socks on the market. I can’t imagine wearing any other sock, whether it be for cycling, running, recording in the studio, or just around the office. These socks always keep my feet dry and don’t bunch or move around. I have yet to wear through any of them. The other “high performance” socks in my drawer just stay there in favor of my Swiftwicks. 
I have competed in several long distance cycling events, along with a duathlon. My next goals are to target a triathlon and even longer, endurance cycling events. Thank you Swiftwick for your continued support of my fitness and athletic pursuits. You all are the best!”

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