Nick Roumonada: the Ultimate Finish Line

By March 15, 2016Life


Nick Roumonada has faced a tremendous amount of hardship in his life, and his story is an inspiration to athletes of all sports.

If your goals seem unattainable or you find yourself thinking you can’t, you have to watch Nick’s story.

Nick Roumonada grew up as an active kid, but his life suddenly changed on a Sunday afternoon when he began to experience tremendous fatigue and lost mobility in his neck. While on the way to the hospital, his body became septic and began to be covered in wounds. Once at the hospital, he was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.

After four months of multiple skin grafts and time in the burn unit, Roumonada, at the young age of thirteen, elected to have a below the knee amputation. Going straight into an active lifestyle instantly would not be possible; therefore he put all his energy into music to become the best trumpet player he could be.

His persistence paid off, and Roumonada was offered a music scholarship to the University of Washington. He went on to play in New York City and pursue his Masters in Jazz at The New School. Unfortunately, Roumonada was faced with another setback when he began to notice pain in his face while playing the trumpet and was eventually diagnosed with Vocal Dystonia, forcing him to give up playing altogether.

Roumonada was once again faced with a life-changing event. However, he would continue to move forward, and his passion was renewed when the Challenged Athlete’s Foundation (CAF) contacted him to tell him he have qualified to receive a running prosthetic. Since his amputation, Roumonada had not considered himself an athlete due the cost of a running prosthetic’s cost, ranging between $10K-$20K.

As Roumonda began to envision himself as an athlete, he worked his way up to the 6 mile loop of Central Park. When he ran it twice, he started to dream of competing in a marathon. Since then, Roumonada has gone on to compete in 5K races, the Boston Marathon and countless Ironmans.

Four years ago, Roumonada was given Swiftwick’s VALOR line at a CAF event. Since then, he has continued to wear the VALOR line,due to the Managed Compression and moisture wicking properties to ensure a seamless distal end, along with the PURSUIT and ASPIRE.

Roumonada plans to continue to pursue his passions as he trains toward the Xterra World Championships. To learn more about Roumonada’s adventures, visit